Foraging Ahead

My daughter (age 22) made perfect cheese topped seared and still juicy inside hamburgers last night with a green side salad and balsamic dressing. Teaching her how to cook the low carb way.

Keto Flu Survival Trick - Avocado

huh? who knew? Avocados have more than twice the amount of potassium than bananas! 

One of the challenges of converting to ketosis  (fat burning) is the first few days of electrolyte imbalance.  Part of the keto flu is due to the kidneys flushing out all that water that has been stored with glycogen (1 part glycogen, 2 parts water) as the glycogen is used up. With the fluids go your mineral stores. Meaning headaches, dehydration no matter how much water you are drinking, and dizziness.

The body needs salt, potassium and magnesium.

For magnesium, I get that best through the skin route - bathing in Ancient Minerals Magnesium Chloride flakes. For salt and potassium: Avocado dip (guacamole) with extra salt. Himalayan pink salt also has potassium. (Never ever use standard American table salt that has been stripped of all minerals and then fixed up with nasty non-caking agents.  But you knew that right?)

How much longer America?

Talked to man on my commute today who is really suffering with end stage diabetes. Made me want to cry. How much longer will this country barrel along its disaster course of advising carb filled low fat diets to those already being damaged with high glucose levels?

Primal workouts this weekend. who needs a gym? Spent my mornings yesterday and today raking out 1 to 2 feet thick redwood needle buildup from underneath 3 large trees. And ivy. Damn ivy. Cutting and pulling that out so it doesn’t choke off the trees. Result: continuous cardio work (breathing heavy), buckets of sweat (aka clearing the toxins) and a great squats plus arms plus back work out. About an hour and a half is all I can handle so far per session.